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Established in 1860, James McTamney & Company is one of Canada’s oldest family-run businesses and Jewellery store in Toronto. The company has played a significant role in the early history of Toronto having financed many of the visionaries, developers and landmark projects that built Toronto from its early beginnings to the international city that it is today. 

McTamney’s has a reputation as one of North America’s most trusted buyers and sellers of Estate and Fine Jewellery and Pawnbroker.  The company attracts customers from around the world who have come to rely on McTamney’s expertise and outstanding service.

Over the years the McTamney’s family and their associates have established strong ties with customers, often serving several generations of the same family. McTamney’s is also a destination for celebrity shoppers. Alice Cooper, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Harry Connick Jr. have all shopped McTamney’s.

1860:    J. Fleming, a land bailiff clerk, starts his own business loaning money against deeds of land.

1880:    J. Fleming hires James McTamney, a loyal employee and eventually trusted partner.  They expand their services to include collateral loans to some of the city’s most affluent entrepreneurs.

1894:    McTamney begins the process of a 14 year buy out from Fleming.

1908:    James McTamney and his wife Margaret become sole proprietors, and specialize in collateral loans buying and selling of Jewellery, watches and personal estates.

1916:    The business moves to its present location at 139 Church St., and is renamed James McTamney & Co. Ltd.

1927:    James McTamney passes away leaving his business to his only daughter, Olga. She, along with her husband, Maurice and his brother Earl, continue to run the family business.

1937:    Maurice with his entrepreneurial skills and his keen sense of customer service grows the jewellery store business in Toronto. He renovates the building and installs an exquisite marble and brass fa├žade, earning the store the name, “the Jewel of Church St.”

1945:    Maurice’s son James joins the business.  With his eye for design, he creates exquisite Jewellery.

1974:    Maurice dies suddenly, leaving his son James to run the business. 

1975:    James’ son Chris a graduate of Ryerson Business joins the company.

1991:    James retires; leaving the fourth generation of McTamney’s to run the jewellery store and pawnbroker business.

2010:    The family, associates and loyal customers celebrated the milestone of 150 years, with letters of recognition from Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Premier Dalton McGuinty and the Mayor of Toronto, David Miller.

It remains a family owned and operated business and carries on the tradition of fair and honest service.


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