McTamney’s offers two types of  jewellery and other item appraisals.

  1. Insurance Appraisals
  2. Probate Appraisals

We do jewellery appraisals year round and we also host appraisal events year round.  For advance notice of our next event Sign Up.

Jewellery Insurance Appraisals

An insurance appraisal documents the details for the replacement value of your jewellery. Insurance companies recognize this documentation for claims purposes. In addition to the original purchase price, the Jewellery appraisal takes into account annual inflation rates and other factors affecting the replacement cost.

Probate Appraisals

Probate appraisals determine the current market value of an item. This type of appraisal is most commonly used for settling estates, divorces or other legal matters.

Did you know?
The advantage of attending our Jewellery and appraisal event is that you don’t need to leave your items with us for appraisal. Our appraiser will inspect your item at the event and your Appraisal Certificate will be available approximately 14 days following the event.


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