A Memory In Time. 

I grew up on a farm outside a small town northeast of Toronto.  As a young adult, I always loved going on an adventure down to the city with my Dad.  He often used to take me past the window of McTamney's, where I would press my nose up to the glass and gaze at all the beautiful, sparkling Jewellery.  The first time, I saw a pair of gold, oval earrings, set with garnets of a deep, dark red.  They were beautiful, and I went home thinking about them.  We returned to the city shortly after, and they were still there in the window.  Again, I admired them, and went home thinking about them.  This time, they remained in my memory, and I resolved that if they were still there when I had the chance to go back downtown, I would buy them.  As it happened, we had cause to go to Toronto for an appointment a couple of months later.  By now, it was winter, and when the day came, there had been freezing rain.  The rural concessions were like skating rinks, and on the way to the farm to meet my parents for the trip, I had to leave our car in a grassy field so it wouldn't slide off the road into the ditch.  I walked the remaining half-mile or so to the farm, and we set out in my Dad's pick-up truck.  Though it began as a hair-raising ride, as we got further south, the ice began to melt and the roads were only wet.  The earrings were still there, in the window.  I walked into McTamney's and bought them.  Perseverance pays off!  They must have been meant for me to enjoy.  Considering the lengths we went to in getting to them, I now view my earrings as "lucky," and am reminded of how fortunate I am every time I put them on.
Several years later, I accompanied my Dad when he needed surgery for a detached retina at St. Michael’s hospital, just around the corner from the store.  I came to McTamney's once again, alone this time, and pressed my nose against the glass.  There in front of me, was the most beautiful pair of blue topaz and silver earrings.  I fell in love, and bought them to wear as a symbol of our close bond for so many years.  I put them on, and went back to be with Dad in recovery at the hospital.
More time has passed, and I recently lost my Dad to cancer.  I still treasure those earrings, and whenever I wear them, remember our times together, how close to me he still is, and will always be.

Many thanks Jill


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