Consignment Agreement

Is an agreement to the following terms and conditions and to leaving the described item in James McTamney & Company’s care for the sole purpose of sale. 

  1. I agree to the described above item for a minimum of six (6) months from the date of this agreement for the sole purpose of consignment sale by McTamney’s.
  2. In our opinion the sale price of the above item will be set at.
  3. I agree to accepting 60% of the selling price and to the established selling price as stated above.
  4. I agree to James McTamney & Co. receiving 40% of the established selling price as stated above.
  5. I accept that McTamney’s will issue payment to me in the form of a cheque after 30 days of actual date of sale.
  6. In the case of loss, damage or theft of above item, James McTamney & Co. Inc. will compensate me at the pre-established price.
  7. When selling a watch I agree to have it serviced through a McTamney’s watch maker for a water test, a complete overhaul and a battery change.   The cost of this service to be paid in advance.


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