Watch Repair

Jewellery & Watch Repair

McTamney’s believes that with proper care and maintenance, your fine jewellery and watches can last you a lifetime. We’re experts at a wide range of repairs and we repair most signature and luxury brand names. From routine repairs to more extensive work, our clients have come to rely on us to keep their valuables in beautiful condition and excellent working order. We’re committed to providing you with quality craftsmanship and expertise at highly competitive prices.

  1. Inspection. We will thoroughly inspect your valuable to assess the extent of the repair required including the need for replacement parts if necessary. We’ll also note any additional services or repairs that may help to keep your valuable in excellent condition.
  2. Free Estimate. All estimates are a reflection of our commitment to highly competitively priced services.
  3. Completion Date. Upon your approval of our estimate, we will provide you with a promise date for when the work will be completed.
  4. Notification for Pick Up. As soon as the repair is completed and ready for pick up, we will notify you right away.

Common Types of Repairs. We offer a full range of repairs for jewellery and watches including: replace & reset gemstones, re-tip & replace claws, resize & replace ring shanks, restring pearls, overhaul watches, water test & reseal, and refinish watch dials. We also provide hand and machine engraving.

Did you know?
We offer no-charge jewellery inspection and cleaning as part of the repair service.


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