How to Select a Diamond

How to Select A Diamond

At McTamney’s, we believe that shopping for diamonds is much more than an important investment. It should also be an exceptional experience.  We’re here to assist you to select your perfect diamond. Understanding the basic considerations is a good place to start.

Selecting Your Jeweller

When shopping for jewellery, consider purchasing from a member of the Canadian Jewellers Association [] The CJA is the voice of the Canadian jewellery industry providing leadership, communication and education. Members are committed to upholding the highest standards for ethics and social responsibility.

Did you know?

  • McTamney’s has been committed to excellent value and service for over a century.  The History of McTamney’s
  • McTamney’s has been Buyer & Seller of Estate jewellery for over a century.
  • McTamney’s has been a long-time member of the Canadian Jewellers Association.
  • McTamney’s has a GIA Certified Gemologist available to assist you.
  • McTamney’s diamond experts have over 30 years of experience to help you select a diamond.

Selecting Your Diamond

You’ll want to become familiar with the Diamond Guide.  It’s a combination of cut, colour, clarity and weight that contribute to the quality and beauty of the diamond.

  1. Cut: The quality of the cut affects the outward appearance of the diamond, including its light-reflecting properties and brilliance
  2. Colour: Diamonds are graded according to how white or colourless they are. Most white diamonds that appear to be clear and colourless are actually slightly coloured. 

    Recent diamond trends have seen an increase in popularity of coloured diamonds, such as pink, yellow and even brown diamonds. Known as fancy diamonds, these can be just as rare and valuable as colourless or white diamonds.
  3. Clarity: This refers to the extent to which a diamond is free of flaws. Almost all diamonds have flaws; however, in terms of evaluating the quality of a diamond, less is better.
  4. Carat: The weight – not the size – of a diamond is measured in carats.  When shopping for a diamond the carat weight can be a matter of personal taste.

Selecting Your Design

When shopping for diamond jewellery there are a number of design considerations. McTamney’s realizes that each individual has a unique personal style, and in response we have a number of options to assist you to select your perfect piece.

  • Select from McTamney’s exceptional Diamond Collection. You may fall in love with the first piece that catches your eye or you may want to custom design your own piece.
  • Custom Design & Restyle your own piece of jewellery.   Choose from our selection of loose diamonds and we’ll create a one-of-a-kind piece for you. 
  • Restyle an existing piece of jewellery. You may want to restyle a piece to your current taste. 


“At McTamney’s, you can browse through an exceptional collection of vintage, antique and estate jewellery. We also offer a selection of new jewellery in a range of styles from the classic and traditional to chic and contemporary – all at highly competitive prices".




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