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Sell Jewellery in Toronto

Do you have a piece of jewellery that you never wear?  Is your guitar gathering dust? Is your old camera ready for a new owner? Why not sell your surplus items? It’s a smart way to declutter and upgrade!

Your Two Options

  • Selling: Once the selling price of the item is agreed upon, McTamney’s provides immediate payment. This option is ideal if you are looking for an immediate transaction.
  • Consignment for Jewllery: We can offer you a higher return on the sale through consignment. McTamney’s simply host and process the sale on your behalf. You maintain ownership of the item until it sells at the established price that was mutually agreed upon. Payment is made after 30 days of the sale.  Conditions may apply.
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What to Sell:  We specialize in Buying & Selling Estate, Vintage and other fine jewellery.   We also have watches, electronics, cameras, musical instruments, musical equipment, and bicycles. Popular and current brand names are always good candidates – provided they are in good condition.
Popular Items & Brands of Interest

Establishing Value:  When you visit McTamney’s, you will always be treated fairly.

  • Our fine jewellery and watch experts have over 30 years of experience and we have a GIA Certified Gemologist on staff.
  • In addition we have specialists in electronics, cameras, musical instruments and equipment available to assist you.
  • We assess the age and condition of the item and we also take into consideration current trends and consumer preferences to determine current purchase value

Did you know?
At McTamney’s selling jewellery on consignment will net you more than selling direct.  Consignment is a perfect choice when there is no urgency.

 Popular Brands & Items


Music, Electronics, Bikes, Cameras:

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