Jewellery Appraisals

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Need to insure your most precious jewellery, require valuation of an estate, or looking to update and an outdated appraisal?
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Insurance Appraisal 

These are used for the purpose of obtaining insurance coverage for your jewellery. It is recommended to get your appraisals updated every 3 to 5 years. Complete with item details such as stone size, clarity, cut, weights, distinguishing features, photograph and portfolio. Signed by a certified appraisal professional (CJA). This appraisal provides your insurance company with the estimated replacement value of the piece.

Probate Appraisal

This appraisal provides the current fair market value of your item. You may be looking to sell the item privately, or maybe you are interested in finding out more the piece, this appraisal provides you with additional information and details you will need to take your item to the market - or help you decide to keep it! This appraisal is also commonly used by executors and lawyers for valuating estates, estate sales, and other legal matters.

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